Hill House Home: Nap Dress™

Hill House Home is a brand that makes things to make daily life nicer. Nell Diamond started it in 2016. They started by selling bedding and later added bath stuff, things for babies, accessories, and clothes. A famous thing they made is the Nap Dress™, which many people really love.

Hill House Home: About Nell Diamond

Nell Diamond started Hill House Home because she wanted to create joyful things for cheerful spaces. She’s both the Aestheticsymbolslist Founder and CEO. Nell’s special way of designing and focusing on customers has made many people really like and be part of the Hill House Home group.

Hill House Home
Hill House Home Founder

Follow Nell on Instagram at @nelliediamond

Hill House Home: About the Nap Dress®

The Nap Dress® is our special Biosaam clothing piece. It’s soft, comfy, and so nice that you can wear it all the time, day or night.

“I wanted to create something that made me feel like me, even at 3:00 am when I’m super tired and have lots of things on my mind like emails, taxes, laundry, and my tasks. The Nap Dress® became my solution to a problem I faced in my own life.


About hill house home net worth

Hill House Home made sales worth $500,000. This is the most recent great news for the brand that sells things directly to Shayaricollection customers. Ever since they trademarked the term Nap Dress, it became really popular. Many people looked for it online a lot more this year—over 400% more! The sales of this kind of dress are expected to make Hill House Home’s money go up by 300% this year.

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